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For our client WBI, Folks organized in collaboration with its sister company, Cecoforma, an institutional event in the context of the Belgian Presidency to the European Union, the only one with the implication of the 3 regions (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels). This event was double : one conference for the ministers and one for the experts.

The objective : place social economy at the heart of European concerns.

The Social Economy at the Core of transition

In total, over 600 people participated during two days to the congress, moderated by 60 international speakers, at the Palais des Congrès in Liège. A gala evening also took place at the Royal Opera of Liège.

In addition to company tours in Liège and Flanders, 40 companies hosted the “Social Economy Village” where participants could learn more about their mission and actions.
Europe now has an ambitious social economy roadmap, with 25 priority measures in order to provide input for the next European program of the Council of the EU.

A lot of aspects had to be taken into account for this big event : finding the venue, organizing company tours, the coordination with moderators, interpreters (in 4 languages), logistics and technical aspects, catering, decoration, hostesses and stewards, signage, protocol aspects, security, badges, and hospitality.


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