JEAN by Olivia Garden


Introducing JEAN: A Bold New Chapter for Olivia Garden

Folks crafted an exclusive product launch at the very chic Hoxton Hotel in Brussels, for Olivia Garden’s new brand : JEAN. The brand is committed to empowering barbers, inspiring them to create and help them build confidence to bring their vision to life. This launch has been meticulously thought through to meet that vision.

An evening filled with creativity, elegance and innovation with 50 esteemed guests who had the chance to witness the unveiling of this new brand, daring to break the codes of the traditional barbering industry.

Guests were entertained by live demonstrations of JEAN's cutting-edge products by experienced hairdressers and barbers. But we didn’t stop there. Several creative corners were set up : guests could test the new products themselves on mannequins, get temporary and permanent tattoos and personalize their own tote bag with the brand’s colors.

And what party would be complete without a toast to innovation and elegance as we conclude with a cocktail reception where industry professionals had the opportunity to network in an electric atmosphere. A fitting celebration for the dawn of JEAN.


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