Kenshiki Forum


Each year, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) hosts its now-famous Kenshiki Forum event dedicated to the European media.

The concept

The impressive transit hall of the 1958 passenger terminal now offers more than 6,000 m2 on two floors, flooded by daylight through the immense glass façade offering a never-ending aircraft ballet, on the ground and in the air.

And what quickly inspired our teams were the gigantic red pillars supporting the roof, whose elegant and moving shape seemed to be a charming echo of Japanese temples.

This was our playground to imagine a memorable experience for Toyota Motor Europe’s guests for two days, gathering at the same place a plenary session, four dedicated deep dives spaces and sessions, a lounge bar, a dinner area, a secret room showcasing a very secret model, and about tenseven interview boxes.

The context

During two days, Global and European executives of Toyota shared the company’s latest developments, strengthened its vision, highlighted its technology strategy, and revealed its latest products and services to an audience of 380 media and affiliate representatives.

In Japanese, Kenshiki means insight. And we’re proud to give you our insights on how our Folks experienced being the proud partners of such an impressive event.

Our team of creative thinkers and experienced project managers were inspired by this original name and made a direct link to the structure of the location, namely the Skyhall at Brussels Airport, one of the most beautiful event venues in Europe.

The challenge

But how do we fully engage our client's guests in such a diverse, yet immersive experience in such a gigantic space and still, ensure that every guest takes back home the most significant messages of the company? This was our biggest challenge.

From audiovisual content on a 30m-long screen to printed messages on 30m-long zigzag walls, from lightning to catering, from storytelling to construction, from hospitality to partyevening dinner, from guests flow to the movement of vehicles between the different scenes, gathering the identity of multiple brands through a seamless customer journey…

Consistency was the key.

And we brought the best team together to ensure it.

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