BELRIM's 50th anniversary


Belrim, the Belgian risk management association, marked its golden jubilee with an event that beautifully married a look back at its storied past with a glance toward a promising future. This significant celebration, held at the prestigious Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts in Brussels also introduced a change in leadership, as we bid a fond farewell to the outgoing president and gave a warm welcome to the new one.

'Ceci n'est pas un risque, het is een opportuniteit"

200 attendees gathered during the daytime, and by dinner, the numbers swelled to 250, all eager to partake in the festivities. The headline of the event, ‘Ceci n’est pas un risque, het is een opportuniteit,’ set the tone for the day – a playful nod to Magritte, reminding everyone that in the world of risk management, opportunities often lurk where risks are perceived.

Program and Activities

Creating a program that was both reflective and forward-looking was no small feat. The day was packed with engaging content – from insightful keynote speeches and lively panel discussions to interactive workshops that had everyone on their toes. The animations and live performances added a dash of flair, ensuring there was never a dull moment. The challenge was to keep the audience captivated, and with such a diverse agenda, it’s safe to say we hit the mark.

Guided tours of the Magritte museum’s most impressive exhibits provided a cultural and educational interlude, seamlessly blending with the event’s theme. Attendees were treated to a visual feast that complemented the day’s discussions on legacy and future opportunities, proving that art and risk management can indeed go hand in hand.

More than a Celebration

Belrim’s 50th anniversary event was more than a celebration; it was a masterclass in balancing reflection with forward-thinking. The event honored the association’s rich history while casting a hopeful eye on the future. The seamless execution of the event, from engaging content to the flawless technical setup, ensured that attendees were not only informed but also inspired.

As we toasted to fifty years of excellence, the message was clear: Belrim is not just looking at the next fifty years as a continuation but as an opportunity to innovate and lead. The day was a resounding success, leaving everyone with a smile on their face and a renewed sense of purpose. In the end, it was evident that ‘Ceci n’est pas un risque, het is een opportuniteit’ wasn’t just a catchy headline – it was the perfect encapsulation of Belrim’s spirit.


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