Opel Mania


Picture this : Germany’s finest club vibes, but without the bouncer giving you side-eye at the door.

Retailers & salesmen convention

Our ingenious team at Folks transformed the convention into a celebration of urban, sustainable, and daring vibes – just like Opel itself. We dived deep into the urban underground, creating an immersive experience that left attendees questioning if they were still at a convention or stumbled into the coolest party in town.

The objectives being to share business updates, network and reveal new models to their salesmen, we had to put together something both informative and fun for this audience.

Now, about the theme, the heartbeat of the whole shebang. We curated an atmosphere that oozed eclectic spirit – a mélange of artistic installations, dynamic entertainment, and live performances that would make you feel like you’re clubbing the night away in Berlin. It was Germany's vibrant club scene meets Opel's cutting-edge brand.

Did it work ? Yes, of Corsa!


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