Ardent awards - 6th edition


The 6th edition

After organizing the awards for 6 years now, we had to challenge ourselves to bring a new aspect to this edition and make it even more inclusive.

This year we aimed to include even more associations in the whole process of the event including the teams we worked with for the production of the event. The nominees were also invited and got to showcase their projects via electrical terminals with videos we filmed beforehand.

Communication, once again, was key. This event is a year-long process with a lot of preparation before the actual evening of the awards. From setting up an email campaign, a registration platform, a voting plateform to putting together a panel of juries, organising shoots for all the videos and creating all social media and web content, our Folks heroes delivered the complete package!

The key to this successful event ? A dedicated team with a crazy bunch of different skills.

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Ardent Awards

Since 2016, Ardent Group has organised the Ardent awards to support and rewards projects that respond to current societal problems. Each year, five associations from the Liège region are selected by a jury and receive a 10.000€ grant to pursue their project. In 2020 was introduced a new category that rewards a municipality of Liège with a grant of 25.000€.

Ardent Group

Ardent Group is an association of families of investors from Wallonia dedicated to actively and responsibly encouraging economic development in the region through ambitious societal and entrepreneurial projects.


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