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Human Energy

For the Sibelga staff meeting of the year, Folks organized a luminous event that highlighted the importance of their staff.

The theme of the night was: Human Energy, reflecting the value of being together. We worked in strong connection with our graphic designer to create a logo especially for the occasion.

The event took place at the Egg Brussels to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. Folks also guaranteed the hospitality of this event and organized car shuttles.

The celebration began with a warm welcome and insightful presentations, including a keynote speech from the CEO and a comprehensive annual review. This set the tone for an evening of recognition and appreciation, where the spotlight was especially on the company staff.

Folks chose to rhythm the event with dynamic and engaging elements, such as interactive photobooth and dynamos to create light together. A DJ kept the dance floor alive with a vibrant mix of music, ensuring the energy remained on top.

To delight the taste buds of the guests, all food was exclusively Belgian, with five food stands providing a variety of delicious choices, reflecting local flavors, and supporting regional businesses.

This was a successful radiant evening!

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