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Celebrating Walloon Excellence

For the third edition of the prestigious ‘Dine with Stars’ evening, the CCIBW (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Walloon Brabant) joined forces with Folks to create an exceptional event that celebrated Walloon expertise and fostered connections among leading businesses. Held at the elegant La Sucrerie venue in Wavre, this year’s event offered a unique blend of fine dining and captivating entertainment, designed to highlight the best of Walloon talent and innovation.

A gathering of industry leaders

The evening welcomed 400 distinguished guests from various sectors, representing a diverse array of 30 esteemed Walloon companies. Among the attendees were representatives from prominent organizations such as Belfius, Louyet, Clean Up, UCLouvain, and Securex, among others. The event served as a premier networking opportunity, bringing together professionals from different industries to engage in meaningful conversations and explore potential collaborations.

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Culinary Excellence

At the heart of the evening was a sumptuous four-course dinner crafted by some of Wallonia’s most celebrated chefs. Each dish was thoughtfully prepared to showcase the finest local ingredients and reflect the rich culinary heritage of the Walloon region. Guests were treated to an exquisite dining experience that highlighted the exceptional skills of Walloon culinary artisans, creating a memorable and enjoyable evening for all in attendance.

A night of entertainment

The evening’s schedule was designed to captivate and entertain, featuring a range of performances that added a touch of magic to the event. Attendees were mesmerized by an enchanting display of magic, marveled at the awe-inspiring feats of acrobatic performers, and were immersed in the dynamic world of street art. These diverse forms of entertainment provided a lively and engaging atmosphere, ensuring that the evening was not only a culinary delight but also a feast for the senses.

Walloon know-how in the spotlight

The third edition of ‘Dine with Stars’ was more than just a dinner event; it was a celebration of Walloon excellence and a testament to the strength of local businesses. By creating an environment where industry leaders could connect and enjoy a high-caliber experience, the event helped to reinforce relationships among Walloon companies and highlighted the region’s rich cultural and culinary heritage.

Overall, the evening was a tremendous success, achieving its goals of showcasing Walloon know-how, fostering business relationships, and providing a platform for professional growth and collaboration.


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