EkoServices 25th anniversary


EkoServices had something to celebrate this year! As they have been providing high-quality home help for a quarter of a century! So, they called Folks to set up the 25th anniversary event, but not only that! It was also the occasion for the launch of their brand-new initiative: Eko Academy.

Folk’s Team meticulously organized a day for Eko Services at Spark oh! in the city of Mons with various captivating conferences and workshops featuring with VIP speakers, including Elio Di Rupo and the burgomaster of Mons, Nicolas Martin.

This activity-packed day allowed participants to dive right into the heart and discovery of Eko academy. The conferences were carefully thought to offer stimulating insights into the future of the service sector and to highlight Eko Service's commitment to innovation and excellence. The immersive workshops provided a valuable opportunity for guests to explore the features and benefits of this revolutionary new service, Eko Academy, while facilitating enriching discussions on training and professional development needs within the company. Participants also had the opportunity to do test drives with the electric cars made available by one of the company's partners.

Folks has put a great deal of thought into setting up the event and maintaining top-quality hospitality, mainly by setting up a precise and clear organization for participants and the setup of the different partners booths.

We are proud of our collaboration with EkoServices, which allowed us to set up an entire day around innovation and growth.


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