Opéra Bouffe


For a solid 12 years now, Folks has joined forces with the Lions Club Liège Airport to organize a rather significant event right at the heart of Liège, at the RTBF Médiarives Studio 40. A night of refined dining and musical charm for the benefit of local charities.

We're talking about hundreds of guests comfortably seated at more than 70 tables, representing some of the region's most dynamic companies – and a few from beyond, because why limit ourselves?

Picture an evening infused with the sophisticated blend of opera and various musical genres, all accompanied by a gourmet dinner meticulously crafted by Michelin-starred chefs and served with precision by students from the hotel school. It's an all-inclusive package, leaving no room for culinary disappointment.

Post-dinner is the time for our guests to mingle, network, and perhaps even enjoy a momentary escape on the dance floor, all under the guidance of our trusty DJ who keeps the beats going until the last person leaves.

In summary, it's an eventful night where gastronomy meets melody, professionals get a chance to connect beyond the boardroom and all that for a good cause. A refined affair, if we may say so.


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